Hole Punch History: Today is 131st Anniversary of The Hole Puncher - Wonderfull Stuff From Centuries

Hole Punch History

Hole Punch History: The hole puncher is familiar with office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder. A leather punch, of different construction from one designed for paper, is used for leather goods, cloth, or thin plastic sheeting. Hole punch tools are also made for use on sheet metal, such as aluminum siding or metal air ducts

It’s a familiar scene with a familiar tool: the gentle rat-tat-tat on the table as you square up a dangerously thick stack of papers, still warm from the printer. The quiet anticipation and heady uncertainty as you ask yourself the ultimate question: can it cut through all this? The satisfying, dull “click!” of the blade as it punches through the sheets.

The series of crisp, identical holes it produces, creating a calming sense of unity among an otherwise unbound pile of loose leaf. And finally, the delightful surprise of the colorful confetti byproduct – an accidental collection of colorful, circular leftovers.

In 1992, a young woman and professional paper-craft-artist, Bernadette Chenard, who originally used leather punches and standard hole punches to create shapes from paper, grew tired of the sound of the hammer pounding to the paper and the difficulty achieving professional results.

In search of a solution, Bernadette contacted many die companies in the hope of purchasing some small decorative punches not aware there was none such for home use. Having been repeatedly told that decorative die punches were only used by large manufacturers such as Hallmark, she finally contacted the president of one of the largest die manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and shared her concept and suggestion that making small decorative paper punches available to the general public would prove to be a successful market. A year later the first decorative paper punches appeared on the market and a new generational trend was born.

Hole Punch History - Today we celebrate 131 years of the hole puncher, an understated – but essential – artifact of German engineering. As modern workplaces trek further into the digital frontier, this centuries-old tool remains largely, wonderfully, the same. (Doodle - Wikipedia)

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