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Information You Need to Obtain Car Insurance Quotes

Getting a quote on car insurance before you sign up for a policy is imperative. It helps you review your options and know the best price. However, a quote is only as good as the information you provide. Here is a look at some data you need to have on hand before you begin looking at rates.

Personal Information

You will need to provide your personal information including your age, gender, home address, and employment. Each of these may carry some weight in the prices you are quoted. For instance, insurance rates are higher for people under age 25 or for those in their senior years. Rates are also usually higher for men than women, especially when they are under 25.

Your address plays a big role in the prices you receive, which is why it is essential that you include your zip code. Most insurance quote sites try to find local agencies to get you the best deal. Your rate can vary based on whether you live in town or in a rural area, whether you live in the suburbs or in a high-crime area.

Your employment can help determine your weekly mileage or you can get discounts based on certain types of jobs. It can also be used to verify that you can afford to pay the premiums.

Credit History

When obtaining insurance quotes, you will have to provide your consent for the companies to check your credit. That is because many insurance companies base your rate on your credit score. A lower score indicates you may be more apt to miss premium payments or even get in an accident. Your credit score can change the rate you are quoted or possibly even deny you coverage for some companies. It is a good idea to check your credit yourself before getting any insurance quotes to make sure everything is accurate.

The Car You Own

Before you can get the rates for your car insurance quotes, you will need to provide information about the vehicle that will be insured. You must know the make and model, the year, and what safety features it includes. Some companies give discounts if you have anti-lock brakes, air bags, and theft security. The type of car also influences the rates because it will increase or decrease the cost of a claim in an accident.

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Cars that are rated higher in safety tests will have lower insurance premiums. That is why you often see SUVs and trucks with cheaper insurance rates than small passenger cars or sports cars.

Before you contact a company or use a quote-comparison website, you need to gather the information. While many sites will take an estimate or allow you to leave the information blank, it will not provide as accurate of a quote as if you can provide all of the requested information. Comparing car insurance quotes is a great way to save money.

Low Car Insurance Quotes: Why You Need to Shop Around

If you`ve had the same car insurance for awhile, you may not see the need to change companies. You`re happy with your agent and you pay the premiums every month. So why look elsewhere?

Out-Dated Information

When your policy renews, you may notice a slight change in the price of premiums but it`s probably not for very much. This is because most insurance policies make regular adjustments based on the age of the car and other criteria, but they don`t do a complete update of your profile.

You seldom answer the type of questions that you answered when you were shopping around for an insurance policy. Those answers still form the basis for your current rates. This isn`t a problem if nothing has changed, but that is often not the case.

The longer you have an insurance policy, the more important it is that you shop around for different insurance quotes. The agency has your age updated and the age of your car, but they may not update other information.

For instance, if you got your policy when you had a low credit score, your current price might be different if you have made improvements on your credit. Changing jobs to work closer to home can also influence your rates. Your insurance company will not know this information if you don`t tell them.

Why Shop Around?

Not all insurance companies offer the same rates to all groups of people. Some companies specialize in high-risk drivers while others focus on those who never have a ticket or accident. While they may check to update some of your information, you don`t always know that it gets credited to your record. Plus, you may find that over the years rates change more for one company than for another one. The company with the lowest rates five or ten years ago may not have the lowest rates today.

If you don`t want your agent to know you are shopping around, you can visit one of the online sites that does the comparison for you. They will take your information and give you the latest car insurance quotes. This can help you decide if you want to stay with your current provider or try someone new.

You can also find out if the insurance company that carries your homeowner`s insurance or life insurance policy will offer a discount for multiple policies. Some agencies offer discounts for different things, which can reduce your premiums. These companies may have added or changed some of the discounts since the last time you checked and may offer you additional benefits that they didn`t have before.